10 perfis de viajantes no Instagram

Está a precisar de alguma inspiração para viajar?

Então é hora de ver algumas fotografias de viagens no Instagram. Estes Instagramers mostram um pequeno instantâneo das suas vidas. Um postal digital compacto de diferentes partes do mundo.

Existem variadíssimas contas com o foco em viagens no Instagram.

Todos nós gostamos de diferentes tipos de fotografia. Algumas destas contas são mais direcionadas à personalidade do utilizador, enquanto outras criam um fluxo constante de imagens de viagens incríveis e diversas de todo o planeta.

Consulte as novidades e inspire-se em algumas incríveis fotografias de viagem.


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I can't believe it's been more than 4 months since I last posted here. Some of you may wonder why is that. First and foremost on July 2nd I found out of the deaths of part of the popular vloggers team – High on Life. To be honest I have never even met them in person, so you may wonder why did I care so much. You see, the accident that sadly took their lives was very similar to the accident I had myself in the Rockies back in 2016. When I heard of their deaths I couldn't sleep for days. The memories came back to me again so vivid, I couldn't focus on anything else. I felt so sorry for them and again thought of how lucky I was to have survived. I keep telling myself that I should really put the story on my blog one day to show people how things can turn bad really quickly, when you are out in the elements. Fast forward to August, I invested into a campervan and set off for the Dolomites, where I spent the next 12 weeks, often away from the civilised World, hiking, taking photos and enjoying social media free life. By the time I finished my trip in November I was honestly reluctant to post anything here in fear that no one will respond to my work, but I finally realised I can't hide away anymore. I miss the community and I like sharing my work! So slowly I am going to get back in the game and hope that you haven't forgotten me yet! Please say you haven't!! 🙂

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1. InFarAwayLand

Marta é uma amante do ar livre, que passa muito tempo em cada destino, conhecendo-o bem e capturando a sua beleza de uma forma única. Ela parece ter um carinho especial pelo deserto da Nova Zelândia, Islândia e Canadá.


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Pickle soft-serve in New York City – an unusual find through @atlasobscura, my favorite travel guide for off-the-beaten path travel ideas. When visiting an exciting place like New York City, I'm always overwhelmed by so many popular recommendations that keeps repeating itself. While I love going through the popular places, I also try to make it my own experience by squeezing in a few unique bites. This pickle soft serve piqued my interest right away. I love pickle and I love ice cream. But a combination of both? Definitely haven't seen that anywhere else. So I made my way to the upper west side of NYC to a place called @luckypickledumpling. And the verdict? I loved it! The soft-serve is very light, more like a frozen yogurt with the taste of fresh cucumber and a hint of saltiness that resembles pickles. I also opted to get the chocolate sauce ($1 extra), which sounds weird but it really works. The creaminess of the chocolate sauce, which has frozen to create a shell around the soft-serve, complements the light taste of the soft-serve very well. I actually found myself craving it after a few days. If you are ever in NYC and love unusual bites – definitely give this one a try! #shotoniphone #iphonexsmax #atlasobscura #newyork #icecream #🍦 #🥒 #cucumber #pickle #newyorkcity #girleatworld

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2. Girleatworld

Imagine a série de fotos #FollowMeTo com comida, essa seria a conta de Mel. Ela mostra as suas comidas locais favoritas em cada destino que visita, criando uma incrível série de fotografias em que oferece uma mistura de comidas deliciosas e cenários bonitos.


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Spain has a wide variety of climates. This image, believe it or not, is of a vineyard. Perhaps the most unique vineyard in the world. ⠀⠀ It is located on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. The island is famous for its active volcano and it is almost entirely devoid of tree. ⠀⠀ Each of the semi-circles houses a single grape vine. The semi-circles are created out of lava rock to protect the vines from the wind. The roots of the vines don’t actually go into the soil, as there is no soil. They get water from the moisture which condenses on the volcanic rock in the mornings. ⠀⠀ I often think of the Canary Islands as Spain’s Hawaii. They are an archipelago of islands which were created by vulcanism. Each of the islands is totally different. The climate is very warm, and you can visit some of the largest astronomical telescopes on earth. ⠀⠀ While Lanzarote, shown in this photo, is very dry, other islands such as La Palma are very green. The Canary Islands also had an important role in history as it was often a stopping off point for Spanish ships sailing to the new world. It was the last stop of Columbus on his first trip to the Americas. ⠀⠀ #everythingeverywhere #travel #visitspain # #spain #canaryislands #latitudeoflife

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3. Everythingeverywhere

A fotografia premiada de Gary leva-o a um passeio virtual por alguns dos muitos Patrimónios Mundiais da UNESCO e Parques Nacionais que ele visita de todo o mundo.


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Since everyone is posting premature Christmas tree photos (seriously people, it’s not even December yet 😂), I thought I’d share a photo of my favorite tree: the endemic Dracaena Cinnabari, better known as the Dragon Blood Tree of #Socotra Island, an offshore island of #Yemen. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ How did a tree that looks like an inside-out umbrella earn the nickname of Dragon Blood? It’s all in the sap. When the bark of the trees are slashed or injured the sap bleeds out— and it’s blood red. For years Socotris have collected the sap of the trees to dry it out and use for various purposes from medicine, cosmetics, dye, varnish and ritualistic magic. For the #Socotri people it’s a cure-all.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Running through forests of these strange trees on the Dixam Plateau will always be one of my favorite memories from my visit to #SocotraIsland in 2014, however this particular #DragonBloodTree was photographed in the #Homhil Protected Area.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I can’t wait to return to the island in 2019 and share Socotra with a small group. If anyone is interested you can find out more about the expedition I’ll be leading with @inertianetwork in March by clicking the link in my bio.

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4. Adventuresoflilnicki

Nicole viaja mais fora do caminho do que no caminho. Nicole sempre conseguiu encontrar lugares bonitos em todos os lugares e capturou-os perfeitamente. Ela está de volta da Antártida, então apreciem algumas fotos de pinguins.


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For those that don’t know my school bus has a new home and is available for you guys to stay in! Check out @thehappinessbus bio to book!

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5. FunForLouis

Louis não precisa de uma introdução. Ele é um vlogger diário e também é um grande fotógrafo. Seus tiros são naturais, muitas vezes com amigos, mostrando a beleza da aventura espontânea. Ele está constantemente fazendo incríveis viagens pelo mundo.



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Following a herd of bison for the day. Just made a new 5mn workshop for @fnac_officiel with the Canon EOS R and a handful of new lenses. In it I dive into the importance of timing -how being at the right time at the right place is a big part of photography. It’s free to watch on their YouTube, link in bio. Oh and there’s a catch- it’s in French! It’s actually my first language and I’ve loved the challenge of making this film in it. You might want to turn on the subtitles on YouTube ..

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6. AlexStrohl

As sua paisagens são épicas, imagens de aventura vão inspirá-lo a quebrar o seu equipamento e dirigir-se para as montanhas. Alex passa muito tempo em cada destino, o que o ajuda a capturar a sua magia.


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We spotted a small island in the distance from our hotel. @chelseakauai and I paddled over, and first thing we wondered was how those rocks got on top of each other like that. And if the one on the right would ever slide off. Seychelles is an explorer’s dream – so many rocks to see, so little time. @sixsenseszilpasyon

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7. EverChangingHorizon

Quin partilha fotos de aventura com lugares incrivelmente coloridos. Desde montanhas a lagos, sempre consegue capturar os momentos mais perfeitos. Quin também é bom em capturar céus cheios de estrelas.


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In Rome, I was hosted at @palazzodama which I think of now as the late-night partying, up-on-the-latest-trends, chic and outgoing younger sibling to the older, elegant and mature sister property Dom Hotel. Both are the product of the passion and artistry that @architect_antonio_girardi gives to the world. . When I sat with him at the bar in Palazzo Dama, I was surprised to learn Girardi owns a home by Frank Lloyd Wright, a favorite of mine since childhood when my godfather used to explain architecture principles to me long before other adults bothered to talk to me as more than a child. Girardi’s passion for these properties extends further than the usual hotel architect into details such as the menu at Pacifico, the restaurant featured in this image. In fact though I had reservations elsewhere after our meeting, I was glad we did a tasting because the bites I savored at his bequest were as delightful as the hotel is beautiful. He and his properties are proof positive of why I adore boutique hotels. They’re not cookies cut from a corporate mold. Staying in a place such as Palazzo Dama is the equivalent of entering someone’s home. At the least, their home away from home. There’s a compelling intimacy which might be impossible to replicate on a corporate scale. So don’t be surprised if you actually see Girardi at Palazzo Dama or @domhotelroma (which you should make sure to visit for cocktails and a leisurely dinner, even if you’re staying at Dama). . Just note that with a club in the basement, you might want to request a room on an upper floor for a weekend stay. It’s that “younger sister who plays her music too loud at night” thing…. . . . . . #palazzodama #antoniogirardi #boutiquehotels #kiwicollection #thepreferredlife #livecelebrated #culturetrip #romaitalia #romeitaly #romehotels

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Kirsten não só fotografa lindamente as suas viagens, como também atualiza os seus mini-artigos cheios de informações sobre a área que ela está a visitar.


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Crisp mountain air. Beautiful hot springs. Awesome friends. Pacific Northwest with @vagabondhearts @chelseakauai @jess.wandering. #hotsprings #pacificnorthwest #synchronizedswimming #pnw

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9. Travisburkephotography

Travis é um fotógrafo americano que, com a sua namorada, captura a beleza dos parques nacionais: lagos, montanhas, praias e muito mais. Se você é fã de campismo, certamente aproveitará a conta dele.



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And to think I almost didn’t go hiking this day 🙂 So my very first backpacking trip was 12 years ago in this valley below me. It’s funny to think how new it all was then – to give you an idea I had a sleeping bag tied to my school backpack with fishing line. From then on I was hooked and I used to squeeze in overnight trips between getting off work in the afternoon and racing down the mountain at sunrise to get back on time. I’ve learned a bit since then (and my gear has gotten a lot better) but the bliss is still the same. Get out there. Squeeze it in where you can. I never know when that exceptional outdoor moment will be, and I never regret that extra bit of sweat I put in when I’m there to witness it. – For anyone looking to update or get into some better outdoor gear I’m partnering with @backcountry to share my #GOATworthy moments and you can use my code “CHELSEA15” for 15% off your first purchase at Backcountry.com. They have everything from lightweight technical apparel to super cute and cozy brands from some of my favorite brands like Patagonia and Freepeople. Uploading more info in my stories or feel free to ask me any questions below!💛 #sponsored #Hawaii

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10. Chelseakauai

Chelsea é uma definição de uma mulher de aventura ao ar livre. Embora do ensolarado Havaí, você pode encontrá-la a acampar na neve, a alimentar esquilos selvagens ou a apreciar as águas de incríveis lagos ao redor dos Estados Unidos da América.

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